What are the benefits of fluoride?

Fluoride is a mineral that is found in many foods and in all drinking water.
Fluoride can strengthen tooth enamel, making it more resistant to tooth decay. It also reduces the amount of acid that the bacteria on your teeth produce.

Fluoride toothpaste

Most people get their fluoride through toothpaste.

This is very effective in preventing tooth decay. In areas where the water supply is fluoridated, fluoride toothpaste gives extra protection.

It is recommended all children up to three years old, use a toothpaste with a fluoride level of at least 1000ppm (parts per million). After three years old, they should use a toothpaste that contains 1350ppm-1500ppm.

Parents should supervise their children’s tooth brushing, and use only a pea-sized smear of fluoride toothpaste until they are about 7 years old.

Fluoride gels can help to reduce root decay – especially in people with dry mouth. Some people are more prone to tooth decay and the use of fluoride supplements as well as fluoride toothpaste for extra protection.

Is fluoride safe?

Scientific evidence has shown that fluoride toothpaste and correctly fluoridated water, salt and milk are of great benefit to dental health and help to reduce decay, and cause no harmful side effects to general health.

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