Bridges, Dentures & Dental Implants

If a tooth is missing, or needs extracting, there are several ways to fill the space that is left. It is important to try to replace any missing teeth in order to balance the way your jaw bites. If you have several missing teeth this can lead to chewing and digestion problems. These spaces can be filled using bridges, dentures or dental implants.

General dental health

To plan the most suitable treatment certain information is helpful- for example photographs, x-rays, models of your teeth and jaws. In some circumstances, a more comprehensive three-dimensional x-ray evaluation using a CT scan may be requested to give greater detail of the shape of your jaws.

Having a healthy mouth

Tooth implantation survives best in a healthy environment. Any tooth decay or gum problems need to be corrected before implants are placed to give them the best chance of success. Sometimes treatment is needed before you are ready for implants.

The finished teeth – aftercare

Thorough daily cleaning is as important with implants as it is with teeth.

Follow-up appointments and regular check-ups

Regular maintenance check ups may be recommended three, four or six monthly. In most cases review appointments will be more frequent during the first year that the implants are in function. Regular check-ups are every bit as important as they are with natural teeth, if not more so!

Smoking and alcohol consumption

Both smoking and heavy alcohol consumption reduce the survival of implants and teeth. If you think that either of these two habits could be a problem for you, then you need to discuss this with your dentist.

Cosmetic dental implants – before and after treatmenT

Our experts in cosmetic dentistry and facial cosmetics guarantee that you will receive the best and most suitable treatment for you. All our procedures are being performed extremely careful and pain free by qualified specialists who will make their best for your comfort and health.